Voucher Authentication Process

Voucher Authentication Process


Customer presents E-Gift Card at counter
(Printed or Digital E-Gift Card)


Note E-Gift Card / Voucher Number & ask for Security Code (Please remind customer to check email/sms to for security code)


Visit the below link, input E-Gift Card number, security code, brand and branch to redeem an E-Gift Card
Voucher Authentication Link


Call: 0213-8732018

Important Points

  • Brand Specific E-Gift Cards are redeemable once only & for full amount.
  • Universal & multi-use E-Gift Cards are redeemable multiple times up to the total amount of E-Gift Card.
  • If customer's purchases are of higher value than E-Gift Card amount, customer would pay the difference through cash, credit card etc.
  • If customer's purchases are of lower value than E-Gift Card amount, customer would lose the balance amount, as the E-Gift Card is not re-usable.
  • For any confusion, clarifications or issues, please call our Helpline Or call your respective Vendor RM for assistance.

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