Why my payment through a Credit/Debit Card is not going through?
We accept all Visa, Master, and Debit Cards issued by any Bank. If your payment is not going through, there could be the following reasons,

1. Your cars maybe not be activated for online shopping. Please confirm with your bank (common in Pakistan, especially for first-time usage) Visa and MasterCard only. Other payment methods will best time online usage)
2. You may have input incorrect information. Please try again with the correct information.

Please call us at Customer Service 021 3713 0248 for any further guidance.
I am Facing Payment Processing Issues
If you are facing issues regarding payments then there could be the following reasons,
1. Confirm with your bank if your online transaction service is activated.
2. Make sure you add correct information (i.e. card number, bank account number, etc).

Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance call our customer service at 021 3713 0248 or WhatsApp us at 0333 0337749.
What are the Payment Methods?
You can make payments through Bank transfer, order request forms, and VISA/Master Cards (both debit/credit cards) are acceptable.
What if I change my mind about the purchase?
We offer an unconditional, no questions ask refund policy, the refund process will be similar to the payment process, and the recipient will be notified via e-mail or SMS of the gift purchase withdrawal
Any other questions?
Please call our customer service Helpline on 021 3713 0248 or drop us a line on help@giftkarte.com and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
What is the redemption process?
You may redeem these E-Gift Cards at any retail stores and online friendly stores across Pakistan, of the Brand / Vendor mentioned on your E-Gift Card.

In case of multi-brand Gift Cards like Universal, Prime or E-idi Cards, you can go to any store of the brands in the preferred category, as per Terms and Conditions mentioned.

For Metro Stores only, please contact Metro Customer Service Desk first and they would take care of redemption etc.

Click Here For Online Redemption
Can I use it on online stores?
Yes, it is redeemable through online friendly stores.

Click Here For Online Redemption
What are the options available to purchase through E gift cards?
Through E-Gift Cards you can get an endless number of options available. You can buy anything you desire from your chosen retail store.
What happens if my purchases are higher / lower amount than the E-Gift Card value?
If the purchase is of higher value than the amount of your E-Gift Card the difference will have to be paid.

If the purchase is of lower value then your balance will be added to the Universal Card, as it can be used multiple times. Whereas, the Brand Specific Cards can be redeemed for one-time use only.
Which stores I can is E-Gift Card redeemable?
E-Gift Cards are redeemable at ALL physical stores of the brand. Please check on our website https://www.giftkarte.com for store locations or visit Brand / Vendor’s own website to find out exact addresses.

Click Here For Online Redemption
What is the E-Gift Card validity?
We offer a 12-month validity period from the issuance date please see the terms and conditions of your specific gift card for more information.
Any other questions?
Please call our customer service Helpline on 021 3713 0248 or drop us a line on help@giftkarte.com and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
What is GiftKarte?
GiftKarte is a digital gifting platform Started in January 2020 offering a wide variety of famous local brands listed on our website for you to select from. We are Pakistan’s 1st online mall that provides E-Gift Cards services with the objective of digitalizing Pakistan’s gift industry and promising you a stress-free and in-time gifting solution.

You can download our app (GiftKarte) or visit our website for a personalized gift buying experience.

We work with renowned local retail brands & develop digital gift cards for them, which we put on our online marketplace / portal. We offer a large variety of brand-specific gift cards as well as various multi-brand cards. Customers come to our website / mobile apps (both Android & iOS), purchase eGift Cards, personalize the gifts (with greeting card, picture, and message) & send through SMS/ email to their loved ones instantly – with few clicks. For businesses, we offer bespoke comprehensive solutions for clients, staff and stakeholders gifting.
How to purchase an E-Gift Card?
By a credit/debit card: include other payment methods

Step 1: Visit our website or download the app and select your preferred brand
Step2: Personalize by adding a message and card
Step3: Pay through online transfer or credit/debit card
Step4: Submit the form; you will get verification via email within 24 hours

The gift card will be delivered to your loved ones directly
What is the delivery process?
Through e-mail, the details will be sent to the recipient within 15-20 minutes after the order is placed or you can print the E-Gift Card and deliver it to your loved ones yourself if you like.
What payment methods I can use?
You can make payments through Visa or Master Card (both Debit & Credit Cards). You can also make payments through direct bank transfer into our account.

We would be adding other payment modes as well for your convenience. Please do make suggestions via email or our social media pages of your preferred modes.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
We offer 7 days no-questions ask refund and cancellation policy, only when the gift card is not redeemed or damaged.

The refund payment will be made the same way as the payment was done.
How secure are my information / Credit Card details?
Your payment will be directly made through well renowned and trustworthy financial gateways like Habib bank limited ( HBL) so be assured that your data is in safe hands there will be no chance for any kind of data breach.
Any other questions?
Please call our customer service Helpline on 021 3713 0248 or drop us a line on help@giftkarte.com and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
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