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Can I get a refund if I change my mind on the purchase?
Yes, absolutely. Our refund policy is unconditional. Our refund would be made in the same process the purchase was made (i.e. to the same credit card), provided the eGift Card has not been redeemed. Please note that we would have to send a message to the Gift Recipient that the gift is withdrawn and eGift Card cannot be redeemed anymore.
Why I’m not able to pay with my credit card?
We accept Visa and MasterCard only. Other payment methods will be added in due course. We Will keep you posted.
Where & How these eGift Cards be redeemed?
You may redeem these eGift Cards at any retail stores across Pakistan, of the Brand / Vendor mentioned on your eGift Card.

The redemption process is simple.
- You visit any store of the brand you hold eGift card across Pakistan.
- Present your eGift Card (in physical / printout from or screen shot on your smartphone).
- Provide the following information:
 o eGift Card number
 o Your mobile number (on which you received the SMS)
- Counter staff will validate the eGift Card through our portal and request you to proceed with the shopping.
- Check-out by requesting redemption of the eGift Card at the counter and enjoy your purchase.
Can I use this eGift Card on the online store of the brand?
Currently, it is redeemable only at physical stores. However, very soon, we would be launching the redemption in online stores as well – so stay tuned…
What can I purchase with the eGift Cards?
eGift Cards can be used to purchase any item available at the retail store.
What happens if my purchases are higher / lower amount than the eGift Card value?
eGift cards are redeemable once only and for full amount.

If your purchases are higher in value than eGift Card amount, you would pay the difference through other payment channels directly (like cash, credit card etc.)

If your purchases are lower in eGift Card amount, you would lose the balance amount, as the eGift Card would be unusable after that.
Which stores I can is eGift Card redeemable:
eGift Cards are redeemable at ALL physical stores of the brand. Please check on our website for store locations or visit Brand / vendor’s own website to find out exact addresses.
What is the validity of the eGift Cards?
Most of our eGift Cards permit 12 months validity from the date of issuance, barring few exceptions which are for 6 months only. Please refer to the terms & conditions on the eGift Card.
Any other Questions?
Please call our customer service Helpline on 021-3873 2018 or drop us a line on and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
What is GiftKarte?
GiftKarte is just like an online mall for digital / eGift Cards, which transforms & digitizes the gifting process. You can visit the website and buy digital eGift cards of a variety of brands in various categories like Fashion, Electronics, Home & Furniture, Leisure & Entertainment etc., and digitally gift the eGift Card to your loved ones in Pakistan via SMS & Email.
How do I Purchase eGift Card?
Very simple 3-step process:

1. You select your preferred brand amongst the many listed in the portal.
2. Personalize by adding a greeting card, a personal message as well as a picture or brief video
3. Add recipients’ details (mobile number / email) & make payments (through Visa or Master cards). We deliver the card ourselves directly to your loved one.
How will my Digital eGift card be delivered?
Through Email primarily. Your loved one will receive SMS advising him of the eGift Card details as well. This will be done instantaneously.

Moreover, you can choose to print the eGift Card yourself to hand-deliver or courier to your loved ones yourself.
Where & How these eGift Cards be redeemed?
Currently, your loved ones can redeem these eGift Cards at any retail stores of the chosen Brand / Vendor. Very soon, we would be launching redemption in the online stores of the brands as well – so stay tuned…

The redemption process is simple. Your loved ones will visit the store and the Counter staff will validate & redeem the card (through our portal) and allow your loved ones to make payment through the eGift Card up to the amount mentioned.
What other services does GiftKarte Offer?
In addition to digital eGift Cards, GiftKarte also provides a digital solution to Group Gifting - which means that you & your colleagues or friends can pool together funds to give a valuable larger gift to your loved one rather than multiple smaller gifts.

Our soon-to-be-launched, Wedding Registry solution will facilitate the wedding gifting process and make it easier & convenient for both bride/groom as well as gift givers. Stay tuned for update on this.
What payment methods I can use?
You can make payments through Visa or Master Card (both Debit & Credit Cards). You can also make payments through direct bank transfer into our account, through our Order Request Form.

We would be adding other payment modes as well for your convenience. Please do make suggestions via email or our social media pages of your preferred modes.
What is the Cancellation / Refund Policy?
GiftKarte offers full unconditional no-questions-asked Cancel & Refund policy for 7 days after the purchase, provided the E-Gift Card has not been redeemed by the Gift Recipient.

The refund will be processed exactly the same way payment was made i.e. through credit / debit card or bank transfer. The bank / credit card company charges may be deducted.
How secure is my information / Credit Card details?
We have partnered with top financial institutions like Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and Bank Alfalah – that provide payment gateway services to process your credit / debit card payments. All credit card information is entered & secured through these institutions. GiftKarte or its employees have no access to your credit / edbit cards detail whatsoever.
Any other Questions?
Please call our customer service Helpline on 021-3873 2018 or drop us a line on and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.