Wedding e-gift cards! Breakthrough from the stereotypical societal norms


Easier to ask than to prepare! Right? Especially when you’re an ex-pat and have their wedding back home, well there’s only one word that pops up in my head hearing this and that is:



It requires being stuck in a constant cycle of dilemma on how to pick the most accurate gift for your overly picky in-laws or something even more complicated, which is selecting the perfect bridal/groom dress or other wedding essentials for your to-be wife/husband. A task filled with countless risks mainly because as being a part of a typical toxic Pakistani society I can confidently state that gifts exchanged between the bride and the groom families have become more of a societal status symbol than a gesture of goodwill. God forbid if you mess it up, it can quite possibly be made the basis of embarrassment for both the families or even worse if something like this is done by the bride’s side of the family then there’s a possibility she will be hearing the taunts her entire life. Sounds scary? Doesn’t it?

What if my dear readers, I introduce you to a way more uncomplicated and cost-effective, gifting method which would let your mind free of all the repo risky situations?

Alright!, alright! I’ll say it…what you waiting for just go and buy an E-gift card from GIFTKARTE and let them select their gift according to their choice and preferences.


However that’s one version of the society that I have mentioned above the other perceptions and norms might sound even more absurd to you, especially in the times when we are living in the 21st century and are growing as a nation but are failing to move past the stereotypical societal mindsets, for example, in some societies and families girls are still not given the freedom of choice or to have a say in the preparations and planning of their weddings everything is discussed and decided by the elders in the family, every aspect from the venues to the type of dresses given to the brides as gifts is a decision of others but the bride herself, this can be easily solved or can be made a tad considerate for the bride even the groom if families would consider exchanging e-gift cards or if not the families but the guests at the very least, this would give the bride a room to celebrate and cherish her beautiful life-changing experiences according to her preferences.


 Now, this is only a slight glimpse of the flaws embedded in the traditional wedding gifting customs, although it is highly unlikely to change the very core of the society as these toxic norms and beliefs have shaped the minds and it’s our responsibility to make a change and become a part of the modern and digitalization transitions that the world is already adopted and because GIFTKARTE being the first ever platform to be highlighting the very issue and making a stance in bringing change by providing a world-class solution in terms of an e-gift card. Especially because something like this would provide freedom of choice to the very people coming together and sharing the beautiful bond of marriage as they can go and select their gifts accordingly to their needs and likes resulting in a way stronger connection and bond amongst them.