By: Shahtaj Agha / Trout

December Wedding Season is here. Are you still struggling with unique and meaningful gift ideas for your friend’s bridal shower? What would be a good personalized gift at an engagement party? It is one of the toughest questions for the bride’s best friend yet something you’ve anticipated since you were little girls perhaps. It is truly a special occasion; one where it’s also time to shower the bride with attention and gifts in true celebration for her big day. The day is getting near and if you’re still trying to battle the guilt of not being able to attend her wedding back home in Pakistan with the prevailing conditions, then look no more.

We're here to save the day with a Gift Guide for 6 fantastic gifting ideas on your friend’s big occasion! Whether you’re looking to gift her something yourself or surprise her with a more extravagant gift for the couple, on behalf of all the bride’s friends together. 

Make Up: 
If your friend is someone who takes care of herself, a beauty enthusiast who loves to put on makeup and dress beautifully, it will surely be an easy win when it comes to present buying for the brides to-be!

Any personal care items such as lipsticks, skincare, makeup gift sets, bath bombs, etc. are a girl’s bestfriend; especially if you buy her, her favorite fragrance or something she may have mentioned that she needs for the special day.

Gifts for the future couple:
You can choose to gift the newlyweds a small but significant detail for their big day. We recommend choosing a gift that will be ideal for both the bride and groom, if you are very good friends with both. Gifting the couple can be a lot more efficient if you select a gift that they would like, would need, and that wouldn't be duplicated by other guests. You can never go wrong with personalised eGiftcards from GiftKarte in Pakistan; from brands like Afghan Carpet, Contradictions or Braun Electronics catering to our Home & Furnishing category, which the couple can redeem with a gift of their choice for their new home.

Stylish Wedding Wear:
Wedding Season in Pakistan is incomplete without a series of post-event dinners for the newlywed duo on behalf of their close family and friends. Most useful and often the most appreciated gifts for the bride is a new stylish wedding wardrobe from the latest fashionable and elegant wedding wear ranges from the top Fashion brands in Pakistan.

Organize a fancy party: 
Organizing a fun and intimate bridal shower party for your bestfriend/ and the bride-to-be in anticipation for her wedding. Sending out invitations to her closest family members and friends, setting up the decorations and event is a meaningful gift that your friend will surely never forget. You can reserve the venue at a restaurant or a hotel, and spend some pleasant moments together in good company to pre-celebrate her big day.

Surprise invitation to lunch or dinner:
Is it the bridal shower gift idea that will surprise her? In addition to being an unforgettable moment and an opportunity to do something different for her, sometimes simply a one-on-one surprise dinner with her fiancé or even a loved one can be a lot more fun than a traditional bridal shower for some girls. If you’re looking for something as personal; you can pick from a number of restaurants like Del Frio, Cocochan or BellaVita and gift the couple a nice dinner and some quality time with a personalised eGift Card from GiftKarte.

Spa day for your big day:
Another gift idea in preps for the wedding and one of our personal favorites is a nice Spa day for the bride to get pampered and relaxed before her wedding day. It can be a group gift to enjoy the services with all her close friends together, or you can also take this time to treat your best friend and yourself to a spa date together, as let’s be honest being the bride’s best friend is a lot of responsibility and you both deserve a good break from the stress!

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