TOP 5 E-gift cards as a birthday present!

"I forgot their birthday!” this single whisper undoubtedly gives you a mini heart attack and stops you in the middle of the day, especially if it is of someone who is quite close to you … Truly a terrible feeling, isn’t it?

No, no, we’re not judging you at all! , honestly, we’ve all been In this hot spot, however, one thing that I have learned is that “Timing” my friend is the key, especially if you want to save face.


If the situation is not that bad and it is still their Birthdate then honestly, there is no need to stress over and freak out as we at Giftkarte are here to save you! Just simply send them an E-gift card from Giftkarte along with a cute heartfelt note, however, this trick still applies even if you have remembered it later in the day because after all a birthday is 24 hours long and there are even people who celebrate it for a month or week as well, so you are in save waters.


Things might get a bit complicated and trickier if the day has passed already, well the way we see it, it somehow leaves you with 2 options!


1)   Ghost your way out of the situation, ignore, cut off contact, if you happen to run into them at any place your best defense should be to act like you didn’t see them and disappear… A little too dramatic right? The only consequence of this act would be you losing your friend forever, but it might still save you though!... haha.


2)    A better and definitely recommended option would be for you to send them a GIFTKARTE’s E-gift card.


If you’re someone reading this at the last minute and have a head full of confused thoughts as to which e-gift card would be the best option, then let us fix your paranoid thought process by giving you the top 5 banger e-gift card options that would definitely work out for you in bringing a smile to the birthday girl/boy’s face .... Yeah, you’re welcome!


1)   Peng’s Salon and spa

No!, self-care is not gendered specific to girls, it is important for both men and women, so don’t hesitate before giving your guy best friend or brother an e-gift card, so give them the opportunity and skip the conventional gift products by surprising them with a self-pampering session that would relax and soothe their mood and release their mental stress.


2)   Clock Tower

Fine dine along with a beautiful view of the sunset by the sea! Just hearing it makes me want to go and experience this beautiful moment, so just think how perfect of a gift it would make if you’re looking to make them feel truly in the moment and  blessed to have a friend like you in their life, then believe us this is your best bet my friend!


3)   J.

A shopping spree is everyone’s favourite activity , no matter if your birthday recipient is a girl , boy or even a teenager this E-gift card by Giftkarte would perfectly fit them all as J, is your one-stop for all high-quality products whether it be clothing, bags, shoes, fragrances and even makeup J. has it all, so this e-gift card as a birthday present would definitely make your present stand out from everyone’s in the room


4)   WB by Hemani

Health and beauty go hand in hand and are as important as a good outfit is to your personality it shapes up your mental and bodily health which automatically reflects in a person’s day-to-day lifestyle and mood, So giving a healthcare e-gift card is like simply saying to them that you truly care about their well-being and their existence matters and is important to you, So going wrong with this one by Giftkarte is never an option.


5)   Dreamworld Resorts, Hotel, and golf club

Work, work, work …. Our lives really do revolve around this word, doesn’t it? Sadly yes!... A disappointing yet saddening point is that there are certain people who have thrown themselves so adversely into their work that they have become foreign to the concept of work-life balance, For such workaholic heads a weekend getaway at a resort would be the best option you can ever think of, especially when they are given and e-gift card then they would be compelled to go there and treat themselves to a relaxing time out for themselves which wouldn’t have been possible with any other gifting options.

Also if you’re someone who is reading this right now thinking to themselves, “LOL can’t relate”

Then “congratulations!”, is honestly pretty impressive but if you’re up for advice then let us tell you that an e-gift card would still be your best choice, as by them you can stay ahead of the game by scheduling it beforehand, and Viola! You have one less thing to worry about.


Giftkarte e-gift cards are a simple, accessible, and meaningful way to let your favorite people know you're thinking about them and have them covered for their next service or in-salon product restock. They feature an easy and step-by-step online purchasing experience