By: Shahtaj Agha / Andrej Masaryk

From driving you to school or all around town, to all those math problems he helped you solve, taught you your first driving lesson, those corny ‘Dad jokes’ to being you’re biggest support system. The responsibility of a father at home is not limited to making provisions but in fact also extends to setting the emotional tone as a protector, a friend, an authority and the first inspiration for his children. To all the wonderful Abbu/Baba/Papas out there, where would we be without you? You are not just our real life heroes but Superheroes, who end up saving the day!

Father’s Day is to be celebrated worldwide on Sunday (June 21st) to recognize the contribution of fatherhood and the paternal bond shared with their children Make this day an extra special one for Abu; the unsung hero who provided you with endless selfless love and guidance. What better than a sentimental gift? Gift giving or ‘Tohfay’ as we call them; are a pure act of love and show a deeper sense of the celebration. Remember, it’s not just a gift but an act to show your appreciation and add an emotional bond to the relationship.

History and Significance of Father’s Day Celebration

The idea of a special day to rejoice the journey of fatherhood was first introduced in 1910 Spokan, Washington. It took a lot of time for this day to be deemed to be as important as Mother’s Day and the first few attempts to honour Father’s Day were actually turned down by the majority of people and took some years for the trend to catch on and spread. The joyous celebrations are made on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world including Pakistan. It is however also celebrated widely on different days by many other countries.

Although Father’s Day is not a public holiday in Pakistan, it is still a worthy occasion that has received affirmation from the recent presidential proclamation. Given the cultural significance of a father’s role in Pakistan, the commemoration of Father’s Day marks the celebration of an inspirational example of strength, sacrifice and responsibility; playing a crucial role in disciplining us and instilling the right ethics and moral values at every step of the way.

The Role a Father Plays and its Importance

The roles of fathers in the family and society at large cannot be underestimated. They are crucial because they form the pillar for family, and family is the basic unit of the society. Not forgetting the unfortunate families who lost their fathers but are still lucky to have fatherly-like figures in their lives to turn to. Perhaps an elder brother, an uncle or a father-in-law. Let’s not forget to appreciate the endless support and care they provided through time to fill in the void.
Here are some significant importance of fathers.

• Provision for the family’s need and ensuring financial sustainability
• The presence and activity of a father will help a child develop psychologically, physically, and emotionally.
• A father helps to set the emotional, religious, cultural, and educational tone of the family.
• Fathers are also responsible for instilling discipline in the family.
• A father also acts as the protector of the family against physical, emotional, and other forms of attack.

Online Gifting for Father's Day Celebration

Gifting is an integral part of Father’s Day celebrations. We know- gifting Dads can usually be a bit tricky as they are hard to shop for! The usually have what they want, particular in their selection yet won’t exactly voice what’s on their wish list and you land up in having another one of his life lesson chats of ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’(since you know how much he hates the thought of you spending your hard-earned money). Given the unfortunate circumstances amidst the Pandemic, it also seems too risky to go on the hunt for the perfect gift. It’s so easy to put pressure on yourself to pick out just the right gift for him because of course, they deserve nothing but the best of the best. There is no need to panic in case Father’s Day seemed to have slipped out of your mind to begin with.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself!

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Guide!

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