By: Trout /Shahtaj Agha

Only people living outside truly understand the hassle one has to go through to send a gift to their loved ones in Pakistan.

Non Resident Pakistanis often face quite a few issues in staying connected to family and friends on special occasions back home. We have gathered a list of some of the problems and obstacles that seem to arise during the process. We have all gone through the pain of:

There are times where your schedule for weekly activities can be overwhelming thereby leaving you to forget about keeping track of important dates in your calendar such as your aunt’s wedding anniversary this weekend or perhaps your nephew’s birthday. Its bad enough you’re far away from home and unable to attend it in person but worse if you miss out completely without sending in the gift. 

The thought of searching for gifts and managing delivery or courier options can be quite a hassle and most of the times not the most practical idea because you may end up making a gifting decision you may later regret.

If you’re a Last minute gifter like us, we’d recommend you to not take a rash decision with your gifting choices. Luckily, there are options that can save you from buying the wrong gift yet reach your loved ones in the nick of time, such as E-Gift Cards. Pick your preferred brand/category and give the recipient the joy of choosing their own gift as per their liking/need.

Payment and Delivery:
One of the biggest pain points is the dilemma of actually having your gift reach in mint condition with timely delivery without any excessive payments or the constant hassle of tracking your parcel.

What's the point of telling your loved one in Pakistan that they have a gift on the way for their special day, only for it to arrive 4 months later?

Situations, where parcels get lost in travel or fragile items that get damaged in transit, can leave both the gifter and receiver to be displeased when the gift has failed to serve its timely purpose.

Now with the introduction of digital gifting options in Pakistan timely gift delivery from anywhere in the world is possible in just a few clicks! You no longer have to lose a wink of sleep with timely and trusted delivery of gifts to your dear ones at the very moment you need them.

Limited Gift Options:
Not knowing what gift is right for that picky sibling, partner, or friend all the way in Pakistan can leave you very puzzled .
Questions that come to mind are: Would it be the right size? Does she wear this colour? Is it in line with her style or would she never use it?
Same day gifting delivery options in Pakistan can also limit us to the same old boring gifts such as flowers, chocolates or cakes rather than something meaningful or unique.

Instead of getting all caught up in guilt, it is always safer to give them the option to choose gifts as per their own preference or need so it may match to their WishList. There is nothing more fulfilling as a gift-giver than putting a smile on your loved one’s face with the right choice!

How to Plan the Perfect Surprise with Gifting from half-way across the globe?
Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

So how are you planning the next big surprise for your special someone all the way in Pakistan that is sure to make their heart melt?

Here are some of our tips to help you get it right:

Have a List:
Would you like to get a gift across to your partner, newly wedded friend, aunt/uncle, younger siblings, or perhaps a distant cousin or your little nephew, all back home in Pakistan?

Well, you can start out by writing a list of items that you'll like to get them. Remember that the gift requirements for your newly wedded friend ought to be different to that of your nephew.

If you have trouble making the gift list, you start with shortlisting the brands you wish to gift from to make the decision process a lot faster. 

Have a Budget in Mind:
Aside from the last-minute gift rush, it's always better to bare a budget in mind when shopping for the gift items for your friends and family in Pakistan.
A realistic estimate will help you cut costs, plan better and ultimately get you the best bargain on your budget. And that way, you can be sure that no one will be missed out in the process.

Gifts are words of love, support, affection, and gratitude wrapped up in; tangible items.
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