By: Shahtaj Agha / Andrej Masaryk

Ever wondered why personal relationships fall apart at times? Or how the lack of developing valued professional relationships can result in inefficiency or employee turnover within the workplace? Don't think too far; appreciation is one of the strongest pillars of any relationship. It's often easy to neglect the feelings and affection of those closest to us as we move around our daily lives and at times we end up taking them for granted. 

An act of truly recognizing the value of a loved one, friend or colleague; lets the person on the receiving end know what they mean to you and creates positive energy within the workplace. It helps to build and improve communication, relationships, and friendships. 

Appreciation can come in any form. It may be shared in words, and it can also be revealed through one's actions or some subtle gestures. However, it's not always easy to show meaningful gratitude.

Here are a bunch of ideas on some of the best ways to show appreciation to the important relationships in your life:

Appreciation through Words: (This one goes without saying it but we'll mention it anyway) When it comes to words or messaging, a simple heartfelt "thank you" note or a phone call can go a long way for showing your gratitude or verbally praising someone for their effort and hard work. It is one of the simplest yet most effective forms of motivating others to go the extra mile. Comments such as; "You did a good job'' "Thanks for all your hard work and efforts," ``I am very grateful to you", "Keep it up" are the kind of expressions that can help boost other's morale and give room for better productivity.

Gifting: Nothing says 'I appreciate you' more than gift-giving'; a token of appreciation for that person who has helped you in one way or the other. Mind you, a gift doesn't necessarily have to be something grand or costly. Irrespective of the size or cost; what is important is the thought behind the gift and how it resonates with the recipient. These may be flowers, books, greeting cards, chocolates to mention a few. One of the most convenient and appreciated forms of gifting is getting them the gift of choice with brands like GiftKarte that offer digital eGift cards from a variety of brands that they may redeem in exchange for a gift to their taste. Distance and time are also no longer a barrier with such means of instant gifting. 

It’s the little Gestures: At times, actions speak louder than words for others and it's the little things that count. Make a true connection with your loved ones with a gesture of appreciation by giving them the gift of time from your busy schedule may do the trick. It affects the person's psychology and is a wonderful way to show someone you are grateful for them. Smiles, nodding, hugging, a pat on the back or simply going out of your way to help them out with something are some of the few gestures that a great way to say thanks.

Positive Surprises: Who doesn't loves a good surprise! It makes one feel good and extra special. You can surprise that person you want to appreciate by giving them small but meaningful surprises. These can include sending flowers, preparing a home-cooked meal, a small note of appreciation on their desk or unexpected praise or promotion is bound to make the person's day!

Encourage Personal Development: Appreciation isn't always reserved for special occasions but instead should be made a regular practice within the workplace. Every employee working for your team is looking forward to an opportunity to showcase his talent. At your next meeting, let your employees know that you care and show them some profound level of appreciation by listening to their ideas and providing them opportunities for growth like training to enhance their skills.

Fun Traditions: Do you wish to show gratitude to those who are precious and valuable to you? Then explore having fun traditions in place to create a fun and expressive environment for them to feel comfortable in. Celebrate birthdays, ideas, innovative actions, Employee of the month, etc. Such practices enhance recognition of the employee's hard work and contributions, thereby resulting in improved performance and productivity in the workplace.

Showing appreciation does not necessarily have to cost as much. Expressive words, kind gestures, gifts, or just some quality time spent together; all are simple yet valid ways of showing gratitude. Integrating the act of showing appreciation in your day to day activities not only lifts the spirits of those important to you but also leaves you feeling more fulfilled in creating a more positive and happier environment around yourself.

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