Missing your partner? Treat them with a gift card!

Today my dear readers!, is all about the couples living miles apart, whether it be your boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé living in another city in Pakistan or whether you’re caught up in an even worse scenario of living in another country entirely, the sentiments of longing can be felt purely, however treating them with a gift or maybe gifts can be one way of portraying your love for them and tell them you miss them.


However, there’s a little tricky part to this sort of love language, and that is that it can easily turn into a mess or heavy on your pockets.


With countless stereotypical traditions and myths being smashed daily there is one that no matter how much we try we’re unable to get ourselves out of the tangling web of traditional and old-fashioned ways of gifting, like literally, is it your partner’s birthday? or anniversary? Just name it! And the flowers and cakes are already ready to be delivered to the doorstep at “midnight SHARP”, Oh wait a minute! , I forgot the balloons … why does it have to be so predictable every year, I mean who even came up with this idea?... it’s like somebody woke up one day and decided that these are compulsory celebratory rituals for any occasion.


It’s high time we start thinking out of the box! And by that I don’t mean you have to go overboard or do something out of your usual self, I mean a simple gift card might result in spicing up the gifting game this time, it’s modern, smart, simple, and would provide them with the freedom of choice as well, all this while being light on your pocket by getting rid of all the heavy courier charges.


Quick question! so how long have you guys been together? 1? 2? Or 5 years? Umm, or less than 1 year? however, if you’re someone with a months-old relationship then my friend! It’s better that you continue reading, time and again I have seen and also experienced that during the initial phases of relationships couples tend to camouflage their preferences and likes mainly due to the overly hyped emotions and attraction they’re experiencing, which simultaneously results in compromises and decrease in feelings levels over time then at a point all of the facade breakdowns and causes a mess in a relationship, usually what I have seen this faking of happiness and acceptance happening during gifts being exchanged and because you’re both new to each other’s personalities, so the risk of giving them something completely unsatisfactory are quite high. So thanks to Giftkarte for launching their premium gift card service being the first ones to be introducing the concept and making life a little less disappointing and embarrassing especially for the new ones out there who are stuck in a long-distance relationship.