Looking for a last-minute father’s day gift online in Pakistan?

We are still confused about what to gift on father’s day to our first role model slash superhero dad this father’s day.  Father’s day is a very heart-touching emotional celebration where we acknowledge the hard work and support our Abbu, baba, and papa put, in satisfying as well as keeping our needs above theirs, but the real question here is, what to gift a man who already has everything? yes, we know how difficult of a task that can be. 

However, It’s 2022, and here we are still confused about what to gift our first role model slash superhero dad this father’s day, also please don’t think of the same old options like a cake or an emotional heart touching WhatsApp message and  Gifs, why not do something completely out of the box and go digital this time? and change the gifting game this Father’s day by buying an  E-gift card, which will give your dad the option to select from a collection of 100+ brands, making it a thoughtful yet a smarter approach, however, when we say smarter we are referring to  Giftkarte’s Father’s day sale which is life! , So what are you waiting for? , hurry up! And schedule your pre-bookings today!

However, if you’re a procrastinator like me, and had a perfect father’s day gift in mind a month ago but completely forgot to act on it! , or maybe you spaced out, so let me tell you that father’s day is this weekend and if you still have not figured it out yet, then no need to stress over it as we have tracked out one of the top 4 brands that you can use to shop the last-minute e- gift card from.


If you have a typical Pakistani dad then J. is the answer to all your gift issues, with their authentic south eastern touch J. is one of Pakistan’s most famous and recognizable brands, although they offer a variety of categories whether it be a beautifully embroidered kurta or a typical Peshawari chapel, we are a fan of their latest fragrance collection and honestly believe perfumes to be a man’s armor, let him buy his favorite fragrance, if not then introduce him to one.

P.S: letting you in on a secret! , The all-rounder by Shoaib Malik is to die for though!

2.  SERVIS Shoes

 Dads and their urge to have the perfect pair of shoes, well knowing how picky they can be we advise you to check out Servis, as they bring you a diverse collection to satisfy fathers of different personalities and shoe preferences, no matter if you are looking for a typical Pakistani sandal to satisfy your dad’s desi taste, or a collection of sports / running shoes for the fitness conscious ones,  if not both then service also offers a variety of classy and stylish formal shoe collection, because we all know our dads and how they can never have enough of them in their shoe collection, So safe option, in my opinion, would be that you buy an e-gift card and eliminate the risk of getting them a wrong present this father’s day.

 3. Jafferjees

Would you like to bring a smile to your father’s face with a personalized touch that will create a timeless bond and leave a long-lasting impression, If yes! then Jafferjees is your one-stop to get the most luxurious and handcrafted personalized leather products, you can personalize a wallet or a bag with his initials, not just that but if your is into formal accessories you can even personalize a pair of stylish cufflinks which would complete his look and bring him joy.

 4. Cotton and silk

No compromising when it comes down to quality and comfort, because our fathers deserve the best, and when I say best, I mean the fine quality of fabrics, cut, and intricate work that cotton and silk offer in their men's apparel collection, which makes it a perfect gift for someone as special as your father, with a variety of different styles, categories, and colors in men apparel, you will give your dad unlimited options to select his best fit.

Is it a smarter approach to gifting? 

How can it not be? honestly, if you look at the doors of possibilities and options that digital gifting provides are undeniable, it gives you so many gifting options, also offering a wide variety of famous local brands listed on the website for you to select from when carefully looking at the convenience then surely it is highly cost-effective, distinctively personalizable, easily scalable, and ideal for a time saving and the best option to fit your last-minute gift ideas.

Plus they become a great best father’s day gift, due to its time flexibility as to when the credit must be spent, instead of spending it all at once, he can take his time to choose the best father’s day present for himself that would perfectly suit his taste and preferences.

So time to get your credit cards ready and start shopping from the comfort of your home!  Download the app now https://onelink.to/giftkarte and gift from over 100 brands to make your family and friends more special!