By: Shahtaj Agha / Trout

Are your loved ones staying in Pakistan, and you’re stuck halfway across the globe? Do you wish to send them gifts for a special occasion, namely: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, but how does one do it? Or even without any particular occasion, one wonders how to generally share gifts with your loved ones? 

Look no more!! We have just the solution for you, now available at your finger tips. eGiftcards has made surprising the people you cherish, a lot more easier and convenient. With eGiftcards, you can send gifts to your loved ones now from anywhere in the world regardless of their geographical location--- USA, UAE, CANADA, UK, you name it!

The lucky recipients can redeem their cards in exchange for gifts of their choice at the brand outlets with ease.

Why choose an eGiftcard? 
eGiftcards have a similar use to that of a regular gift card and are a lot more flexible than your traditional gifting choices. The only difference is however that with an eGiftcard, the entire process is digital so makes it a lot simpler and rather convenient.

What is Giftkarte?
GiftKarte is Pakistan’s first eGifting platform.
An online mall designed to spread the joy of gifting your loved ones using eGiftcards. With more than 70+ partner brands on-board, GiftKarte is the perfect one-stop rescue for all those last minute gifters out there!

With so much happening around, sometimes you have a lot on your plate; school assignments, that new work project, chores and everything can just become so overwhelming. There are days you end up forgetting a closed one’s birthday/anniversary or just celebrating the small milestones in life with them. Regardless of your sincerity, no excuse is enough for the guilt of missing that smile on a loved ones face. Giftkarte was designed to meet all your gifting needs, planned or last minute; you no longer have to miss out on special events anymore.

To gift your friends and family back home in Pakistan, no platform offers you more convenient gifting solutions than GiftKarte’s eGiftcards without the hassle of couriers or damaged delivery items. It is a platform that permits users to share gifts from the most renowned brands of Pakistan, with over 70+ on board.

GiftKarte believes in inspiring moments of happiness by bringing relationships closer everyday with the ‘Gift of Choice’ for your loved ones – a gift in your pocket for everyone, every occasion at anytime, anywhere!
All you need to do is:

- Select the value of the eGiftcard from your preferred brand of choice

 - Personalize the eGiftcard

 - Pay and Send

The cherry on top is GiftKarte’s recent launch of their new Universal eGiftcard. With one card, your loved ones gets the flexibility of selecting from countless choices of gifts from any of the onboard premium brands.

Log into, put in your details, and give your employees the rewards they deserve in just a few clicks! Download our Apps now at: