Giftkarte! An ex-pat guide for gifting this Eid-ul-Adha

Gift?, Who gives a gift on Eid-ul-Adha?beta ye eid Qurbani ki hai”. Yes, we all have heard these lines, whether It be coming from a relative or our parents, these stereotypical mindsets are what shaped our thought process and social ethics, but there’s one question that we at Giftkarte is asking the person reading this blog is that, Do you think there has to be a right time or occasion to make your family or friends feel loved and valued?, and isn’t gifting about cherishing the purity of being with your loved ones and especially If you are someone who lives far away in another country and a minor gesture like an e-gift can make you a part of the family celebration back home? , Now don’t you believe gifting is much more than just a gesture?


 Eid-ul-Adha can be different for all, some might be having the best times connecting and celebrating it over a bbq night, while some might not be that lucky as they are living far away from their home and their people.


However, our lovely Expats!, Yes! we can see that long face of yours, but its time for you to cheer up because we at Giftkarte care and consider you all and is yet again back with our 10% Eid-ul-Adha sale!!, So that you can too become a part of your family gatherings this Eid in the sweetest way possible.


At giftkarte, we have an e-gift for all the different personalities, likes, and preferences that you might have in each of your family members back home, moreover to save you from all the brainstorming, we have tracked down some 4 universal types of personalities that you will find in every family and have suggested on some e-gift cards in accordance to it


 TYPE 1: The “I’m not a meat person”

 I’m sure there has to be at least one member in your family, that you’ll find sitting in the corner disgusted with all the meaty dishes they find in every gathering they go to, it’s time to make that member of your family feel that even though you’re far apart but you still do remember the little details about them and not just that but also took care of it by sending them an e-gift card from Giftkarte for them to have an amazing mouth-watering meal from their favorite restaurant or café.

 TYPE 2: The IG model:

Now, there is always that girl in our family, who needs an excuse to dress up all pretty and click pictures for their Instagram feed, and especially often hearing the above statements that are mentioned at the beginning of this article might just throw off their entire mood for the celebrations, So why not, this Eid gift her an e-gift card and send her on a shopping spree which would make her shine like a star and make her Instagram feed pop like a fashionista.

 TYPE 3: The desert hoarder:

 Yeah, I know the title might sound offensive to some but that is exactly, what some people are, especially during the festive seasons, now you must be thinking how rude of me to generalize and judge people like this, Well the reason for me being so sure about it is because I have a living breathing example in my own family, he is my younger brother and still remember how even after my mama’s countless efforts at hiding he would still somehow get track of the deserts and sweets that she would bring specifically for the guests. I’m sure you all have traveled back in time by now and must be reminiscing a ton of countless memories from your childhood, what if I tell you that you could relive that exact moment by sending a little e-gift card?

Not sure how? Well, this is possible by sending your family’s so-called desert hoarder a sweet treat and making them feel the sweetness and warmth of family love from miles away.

 TYPE 4: The Eidi collector:

 Okay now this might sound complete of the topic as I mean obviously, this is Bari Eid we’re talking about, not the Meethi EID where giving Eidi is important, but believe me readers, it is true as kids nowadays have no mercy, they demand it…. and they get it.

Even if not the case if you’re an ex-pat then sending Eidi might just be your best bet at being a part of the celebration and revamping this tradition and sending an e-gift card instead of the same cash would make you the best “phupo”," khala”, “Api” “,bhai”,"cha chu” etc

 So why not go and buy your e-gift card today and bring smiles to your loved one’s faces living back home, who I’m sure are badly missing your presence this Eid-ul-Adha as well.