The tradition of gifting your loved ones has transverse a long path , whether it be a cave-dwelling man putting in the effort and gifting a shiny unique piece of rock to a woman to an ultra-modern era of digital or e gifting your loved ones, could not be a more beautiful way of expressing your love and gratitude to your loved ones.

However, a person would require having a special sort of blindness to not see the exponential growth in the trend of digital or E- gifting and the effect it has on the current world both personal, as well as professional.

In fact this utterance can firmly be backed by numbers, which are seen as a holy grail by every statistician and mathematician

 Data from a recent research survey emphatically proves the following:

·       60% of people prefer receiving a gift card to cash.

·       40% said that they prefer receiving a gift card to a traditional gift

·       41% of people trying a business for the first time do so because of a gift card.


So after looking at this mind boggling growth in the trend of digital gifting, even an ounce per cent doubt of the superiority reign of the former traditional gifting practices would diminish.

However, it leaves room for a single question and that is, WHY? why e-gifting witnessed a booming growth and what makes it  better than the old fashioned traditional gifting practice?



Personalization is what shipping is to gifting - it's unavoidable. Numerous studies back up the idea that the perceived value of a gift stems from the human connection it inspires, which makes the receiver feel the warmth and the consideration that the sender has invested in getting what they would personally like according to their taste and style preferences ,  however making e gift cards a real game changer.

Furthermore, Senders can achieve the highest level of personalisation possible with virtual presents by modifying all parts of the gift card, from the face to a ceremonial bowtie to "unwrap" the card.



SMS, email, or gifting apps are used to send digital gift cards to the recipient. No matter where you are in the world there is no need to be depressed as with e gift cards you can still make your loved ones feel special whether it’s father’s day or mother’s day , your perfect gift is just a tap away , So order now and don’t let boundaries stop you from making the ones important to you feel special and be a part of your events and celebrations back home. 


In this scenario, digital gift cards are the true saviours. Digital gift cards arrive in the digital premise of recipients within 24 hours; however traditional gift cards take 6 to 8 days to arrive.

Not only that in fact have they also helped you steer clear from missing important gift-giving events by using a scheduler.



One of the best features of digital gift cards is that they cannot be misplaced. They stay in your inbox and messages indefinitely. It's a huge comfort for people who are anxious about losing their credit cards or cash.


In a world where climate change is becoming more real than fiction and natural disasters strike with the frequency of a pendulum, conserving natural resources is critical to our planet's survival., it’s time that we change the norms and switch to digitalization as much as we could, why? Because of the following:

How physical/traditional gifts aids to climate change?

·       They demand that important trees be chopped in order to create a plastic card that would serve as a one-time voucher.

·       If shipped than it causes environmental pollution

·       Digital gift cards do not require the use of plastic or paper, resulting in less waste of natural resources.

Although all these are microscopic consideration but in comparison it highlights and pinpoints the benefits of digital/ e-gifting.

SO, in a nutshell I would say Though physical gifts have the advantage of being physical and thus facilitating face-to-face interaction with the person receiving, digital gifts come out on top by ticking all other business-critical boxes - highly cost-effective, distinctively personalizable, easily scalable, and ideal for a zero hour, to name a few.

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