E-Gift cards! A magic tool to boost your business sales

Time and time again, digital gift cards have proved their worth. Gift cards became the hope of many businesses on the point of breaking down, during the difficult days of the pandemic.

The surge in the number of digital gift cards sold and the rate at which they were sold during and post-pandemic in the marketplaces amazes me. People appear to have great aspirations for getting their business off the ground by selling digital gift cards.

The relevance of offering gift cards for businesses has always been stressed in statistics and survey reports. According to mageplaza.com, the global gift card market is estimated to reach 510 billion dollars by 2025.

Your business can benefit from using digital gift cards as a marketing tool. Furthermore, the selling of digital gift cards is not limited to the festive and holiday seasons. They work all year since there are birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

If you stop for a minute and give a thought to the fact, that what if they are actually any benefits which aid to its popularity among the sellers and buyers.

Still, thinking? , don’t worry let us guide you through some powerful yet simple benefits that businesses can have by making use of e-gift cards

Sales Accelerator:


Every customer wishes to use digital gift cards as an e-commerce option. One of the advantages of digital gift cards is their ability to attract sales.

If you're optimizing your gift card marketing methods and want to give one to a customer, go ahead and do so. Because one of the main reasons this is made possible is through the people that would come to the retail outlets that would automatically lead to them buying other items along their purchase resulting in exceeding their e- gift card limit

As a result, gift cards have a two-fold effect on sales. First, as it increases your revenue, and second during the redeeming process because the recipients are expected to buy more products during the point of sale time

Acts as a magnet for new customers:

Digital gift cards, as we mentioned in the first point, are sales boosters. But another reason behind them being called a sales booster is that since they generate new leads for businesses by drawing new eyes with new gift cards, i.e., they attract more and more new clients.

However, the probability of this happening grows drastically during the holiday seasons, as during such times customers are generally expected to buy more e-gift cards to give to their loved ones which may automatically act as a magnet for new customers by grabbing their attention resulting in an expansion and a growth in your sales.

Moreover, by offering creative and exciting sales deals and discount offers you can shake up and wake up your sleeping customers.

Helps build your brand image :

One rule of marketing to always abide by " what is seen is sold !"

Gift cards are a great way to get your business out there. Consider it a natural extension of your business. Gift cards as gifts reach a large number of people who would not otherwise be reached through traditional marketing tactics, that’s because they are occasionally resold, which extends their reach to countless eyes giving it higher chances of them being exposed to your brand.

Many companies use gift cards as a pre-launch technique to increase awareness of their brand, product, or service.

Additionally, your clients' digital gift cards demonstrate their passion for your products/services by allowing them to offer your gift cards to their loved ones.


Selling digital gift cards has the advantage of not requiring you to be physically present in front of your customers. You may sell gift cards directly on your website, which means you can sell them at any moment.

Furthermore, digital gift certificates are distributed via emails and various messaging systems, indicating that your consumers can obtain them whether at home or on the go.

Customers only need to purchase the gift cards and send them to the recipient by email, messenger applications, or by downloading them in pdf format.


Most gift card schemes allow recipients to spend the gift card amount whenever they want. Some retailers, however, limit the usage of gift cards to two or three times. But it's a win-win situation for gift card sellers.


Because this strategy provides a high likelihood of repeat purchases for customers with a balance on their gift cards. As a result, digital gift cards help to increase client retention.


In the future, gift vouchers will be the most popular form of gifting. If you're considering when to give a digital gift card, with the growth of chatbots, there's no better place to settle gift cards to be used for services and products requested.

The advantages of digital gift cards are comparable to the company criteria you cater to. But, regardless of whether it's a service or a product-based business. Gift cards will become the most significant item for maximizing revenue from both industries.