E-gift card vs. Cash?

The title of this article has been a long-standing debate for quite sometime and honestly we have heard countless people having this confusion that wouldn’t simply sending or handing out cash will be a better option rather than giving an e-gift card? , So today we at Giftkarte decided to answer all of the constant queries regarding why the preference for e-gift cards must overweigh your urge to hand out or send cash to your loved ones on special occasions and celebrations.


So let’s begin, the argument over whether cash or gift cards make a better gift may be just as contentious as arguments over the advantages of being a stay-at-home mom against a working mom, owning an iPhone versus an Android, or favoring tea over coffee. On this subject, people have strong opinions and based on the comments I've seen on social media, some conspiracy theories as well.


However, if we dig a little deeper, and look into the stats and research we can clearly identify that:


·       Employees desired gift cards from their companies, according to 82% of those surveyed.

·       Additionally, 60% of respondents who were asked what kind of gift they liked receiving for special occasions indicated gift cards.


The thing is that I wouldn’t deny the benefits of receiving cash but the question here is how many times you bring it to practical use like in groceries or bills? exactly every single time!

That’s right most of the people who are given money spend it on a practical purchase just to remove guilt, in this case, Cash might not be the ideal alternative, though, if you want to buy a gift or treat your family or friends. The freedom to reward yourself is always yours when you receive a gift card, on the other hand. Having this option allows you to spend the money on enjoyable or rewarding activities without feeling guilty.


I took some time out and carried out informal polling among a few of my friends and family as to whether they would prefer an e-gift card or cash. And the reasons why?


Gift cards win out in the end in comparison to cash since they offer a wide range of advantages to both individuals and businesses that cash cannot. These rewards are...



The receiver is more likely to treat themselves to an unexpected surprise since gift cards are typically single-merchant specific or if it’s Giftkarte’s universal gift card which is multi-brand then it offers a more memorable experience than cash as a result, and the item (or activity) they select serves as a permanent memento of their accomplishment.



When giving or receiving a gift card, you can include your company logo, the recipient's name, and even a brief note to make it more personal than giving or receiving cash, which is a non-personal transaction. By doing this, you can help the receiver remember why they were given the gift and who gave it to them.



Gift cards provide the recipient with a guilt-free means of treating themselves as compared to cash. Cash can make people feel compelled to "do the right thing" by going toward a debt or upcoming bill. However, 76 % people believe that gift cards are a guilt-free treat since they allow them to select whatever they want.



When it comes to talking about gift cards, people are more open than when they are about discussing cash. How does a firm benefit from this? People who hear about an employee's incentives are more likely to desire to work to earn their own employee recognition, thus you want employees to talk about their awards with others. A visual reminder of the employee's success is also provided through items purchased using gift cards.

 When someone asks which is better—gift cards or cash—I respond, as that a gift card offers unexpected experiences while cash can simply be used wisely in a variety of ways. (I wouldn't refuse either present myself, either!) There is, however, clear that the benefits of an e- gift card overweighs on every level if we are particularly talking about gifting so I believe a gift should be a guilt-free treat!