E-gift cards are the best wedding gift option, but why?

So exactly how many crockery sets or juicer blenders did you receive at your wedding or have seen a couple receiving? I’m sure the quantity exceeds 1, funny isn’t it? how for a long time we have been stilled with this mindset that wedding gifts should be categorized into certain products, but if not the same old gift products then what’s the easy way out? now the society that we live in usually would definitely go for an envelope of cash, which honestly loudly speaks of “lack of effort” and “consideration”

 We realize, that you must be thinking as to what’s even the point of discussing customs and traditions during wedding gifting in a society with stereotypical mindsets, well for that the main reason behind it is the factor of being the first platform to be introducing and highlighting such misconceptions that costs money and time along with the disappointment faced by the receiver for having the duplication of gifts, but we’re not just here to pinpoint the issues related to the old fashioned customs in gifting instead we have come up with a solution for you to break through the chains of traditional and old fashioned mindsets and step into the modern world of digital gifting with Giftkarte!.


E-gift cards are the best option, but why?


 1.     Eliminates the risk of gift Duplication:

 I mean this is the most frequently occurring element when it comes to traditional gifting, which although I have highlighted at the start of this article as well, here I would like to help you tackle and guide you on how not to get into such situations, SO how about instead of gifting them a perfume, scented candle, crockery set, frames, etc. of your choice, you instead gift them an e-gift card for a romantic couple dinner of any café or a top class hotel listed on the Giftkarte website, Not only will it be cost-effective and considerate but it will offer a couple to have a beautiful experience as well.

2.     Importance of Timings and preferences:

 I have been seeing this trend getting all the overrated hype that is of booking a honeymoon trip to a resort or a travel destination for the couple as a gift, without even considering the factor of time slot availability and confirmation of the couple’s preferences in terms of the destination or a resort they are being gifted a trip to, in times like this we at giftkarte would advise you to stop making the newlyweds go through a nightmare on their honeymoon trip and gift them an e –gift card which will allow them to plan the trip or the resort according to their availability and preferences.


3.     A practical and useful gifting way:

It is up till now a far most important factor to consider, which is often neglected by gift-givers during the wedding times as gifting the couple a men and women gift hamper or custom-made photo magnets, revolving photo crystals, and album covers that capture the joyful wedding memories won’t have any use to them instead we believe that one of the best options is to give them an e- gift card for electronic appliances or décor and furnishers, so they may choose the home appliances or other items of their choice because honestly, every couple wants to get their hands on the beautiful home decor. So, rather than giving them bed linens or rugs of your choosing, you should give them a gift card so they can choose what they want.


Long story short

 It is highly important that one should always take into account that the couple's first few weeks following the wedding are frequently highly busy. e-gift cards, make the finest wedding presents because they typically have a six-month expiration date, giving the couple plenty of easily settle down and then buy the things they need, at their own pace and comfort.