Best online way to gift in Pakistan

A "present exchange fever" is about to start as springtime celebrations get underway! and initiatives to boost "gift culture" are in the air. The market's shops, restaurants, and apparel labels are already humming with advertisements for special offers and personalized gift boxes. Gifts are typically thought of as "valuable objects, carefully packed in lovely wrappings, decorated with ribbons, and handed sometimes to one's object of affection." Mall vanity boxes are a beautiful treat, but they might lead you on a shopping spree.


Gifts can be annoyingly adorable in certain ways, similar to newborns, but I worry that we no longer get the "gifts high" from everyday objects like groceries and other necessities. We find it difficult to comprehend that a present can be something other than priceless jewelry, expensive accessories, flashy clothing, or perfumes. Are there any gifts left today, such as prepaid phone cards, baking pans, mittens, lunches, coffee, or books? The second choice doesn't sound as appealing as our current one.

Is the sense of extravagance around gifts to blame for how long it has taken us to normalize gift cards in Pakistan?

But what if we used a new type of marketing approach to highlight the gift appeal of necessities like food, dry cleaning, spa services, and gasoline? Gifts don't always have to be pricey, valuable items; they can also be cozy, eco-friendly, recyclable, and still fashionable. I checked up on the range of gift cards available in Pakistan as part of my effort to shift the "gift culture" toward more common, practical, and everyday products. However, I’m surprised to know that there is only one platform “Giftkarte” that has taken such initiative of highlighting and introducing e-gift cards in Pakistan.


However, for people who are foreign to this concept and don’t know what it is then, let me tell you gift cards are preloaded with money and can be used to make particular or general purchases at stores, restaurants, salons, etc. Digital gift cards can be used both in stores and online.


Since modern issues call for modern solutions, developed nations have pushed gift cards as a bridge between electronic money and physical presents. In the US, the UK, and China, gift cards are a preferred form of giving. You can choose from a variety of gift cards on even Amazon, Daraz, GooglePlay, Xbox Live, Nintendo, and Spotify are among the gift cards currently offered in Pakistan; these are all wonderful for gen-Z tech fanatics, but what about some of the older millennials and their less tech-savvy parents? Why can't we have gift cards for things like office supplies, takeout, home furnishings, etc?


Is it taking us so long to mainstream gift cards in Pakistan because of the perception of extravagance linked with gifts? Our entrepreneurs appear to have recognized this gap and are working to close it., which provides a wide range of services and "e-sales" across outlets, is one of the better websites. J. Alkaram, a clothing brand, also has its own gift cards.


The market could expand further with the advent of digital wallets, which would facilitate safe and simple transactions in addition to businesses creating e-gift cards. Because terms and conditions apply everywhere, one must be careful when buying gift cards to watch out for expiration dates. Before making a purchase, one must also be aware of the sort of gift card they are using and follow the directions. Gift cards are definitely a nice improvement in Pakistan.