By: Shahtaj Agha / Trout

Digital Giftcards especially if thoughtfully chosen, make great gifts for your loved ones to enjoy a little guilt-free shopping from their favourite brands. During this holiday season, avoid the trouble of searching for the perfect gift for them by replacing it with a bespoke eGiftcard from GiftKarte. Here are seven reasons why you should send an eGiftcard this holiday season:

It's Immediate: 
One of the most significant advantages of sending an eGiftcard is that you do not have to spend days roaming in different shops to find just the perfect gift. The moment you decide to send a holiday gift, you can type in on your browser and have the eGiftcard on its way to your loved one in Pakistan from any part of the world.

No Delivery Chaos:
When you decide to send a gift from one corner of the world to another, there is a constant fear of it being lost in transit or getting damaged reaching its destination. But with eGiftcards, there is no chance of any such risks. With the holiday season around the corner and the travel restrictions in 2020, you can easily send eGiftcards to your friends and family in Pakistan from around the globe and spread the joy of giving.

Another advantage that arises out of digital gift cards is the ability to freeze and track them. Unlike items that could be stolen or lost, eGiftcards are exceptionally safe as they are digital. The receiver can redeem the eGiftcard via an email in their inbox and an SMS text notification.

Freedom to Choose: 
During the festive season it can really be a letdown if the gift you’ve shared with your family and friends has left them a bit disappointed with the wrong size, colour or selection! With eGiftcards, you will be able to choose from a variety of categories and over 70+ brands, leaving the recipient the excitement of decision-making whilst redeeming it with when and w what they wish to as per their liking/need.

People who believe there can be no personalization while gifting eGiftcards are certainly wrong! eGiftcards are not only considered the go-to present for last minute shoppers but are also ridiculously convenient and more personal than ever now. In many cases, a unique and meaningful giftcard offers the recipient a lot more memorable experiences rather than another cake/chocolate box or gift sets. GiftKarte makes your eGiftcard feel extra special with a selection of holiday greeting cards where you can attach a personal message for the receiver, or even a picture, all aspects that can be personalized according to your needs.

Avoid the awkwardness:
We can only imagine receiving a gift that may be of no use to you and would lie at the back of your closet or one that has just been forwarded on to you and then having to act out as if we love it. Since everyone cannot be great at acting it out or perhaps getting a chance to exchange the gift for something they would actually prefer; eGiftcards save the receiver and sender from any such awkward encounters that could arise due to such circumstances further adding to the merriment of the holiday season.

Makes Gifting and Receiving Fun:
We often restrict ourselves from splurging on a luxury item for ourselves once in a while due to cash or saving constraints. But when you receive an eGiftcard for the same store, you can indulge in some guilt-free shopping because of the set amount that is already granted on the card. This makes receiving gifts and sending them an even more worthwhile experience.

Without postponing the holiday gifting process furthermore, log onto or download the app now to send in your gifts just in time for the New Year!

If you’ve found just what you’ve been looking for, head on now to and share the joy of giving!

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